From my 25 years experiences in the stock market, I am sharing the following tips to invest in India:

  1. Invest in IPOs, if it is rightly priced. Since it is much more safer than secondary market.
  2. Invest in a share, if it is available in the market at a discounted value, after listing.
  3. You must study the stock market at least 10 hrs. per day, if you are a new investor.
  4. Never depend upon a stock expert or advisor, because most of the time they are advising to buy a stock when it is increasing. In reality, it should be the opposite.
  5. Always follow Mr. Warren Buffet, “Buy a stock when everybody is selling”.
  6. Buy a good share during the time period of March – May and sell it in Nov. – Jan. every year.
  7. Whatever may be the reason, if a good stock is available at market at a discounted price, buy it.
  8. Find out the best performing sectors in the upcoming days.
  9. Follow OI (open interest) in option chain very carefully and find out the bid of prices the max. investors.
  10. The delivery % is a very imp. matter. If it is higher, it is positive for the stock.
  11. Try to find out the reasons of uptrend or downtrend of a stock.
  12. Study the best websites for investment like,,, etc. and different blogs for investment.
  13. Instead of making a SIP in mutual fund, make a DIYSIP (Do it yourself SIP) by yourself. Act just like a MUTUAL FUND MANAGER.
  14. Invest at the end of each month (generally from 25th-28th) , since at that time the NIFTY is at its lowest level due to F&O (Future & Option) Expiry.
  15. Make a detailed FUNDAMENTAL & TECHNICAL ANALYSIS of a stock.

One thought on “AN INVESTMENT TUTOR.”

  1. Investor Relations

    Sub: A request to acquire Visesh Informatics ltd. of New Delhi, India (BSE: 532411 | NSE: VISESHINFO | ISIN: INE861A01058 | SECTOR: COMPUTERS – SOFTWARE MEDIUM & SMALL) which must be a Multibagger stock immediately.

    Respected Sir,

    Visesh Infotecnics Ltd. engages in the provision of system integration and networking solutions, as well as enterprises software, domain registration, web hosting, and information technology (IT) enabled services. It operates through the following segments: IT Solutions and Products, IT Enabled Services, and Telecommunications. The company was founded on January 20, 1989 and is headquartered in Noida, India.

    As per my research and analysis Visesh Informatics ltd. must be a multibagger stock, which is one of the best undervalued stock, which is available at 0.10 paise only (B/V is Rs. 1.21).

    Moreover, the IT sector would be the most promising in the upcoming days and it is a monopoly co. which deals with having E recharge payment wallet, app & site. Visesh has many international well reputed clients and most probably they will get a huge order of Egovernance from the Govt. of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, before election. The Company has ventured in the field of VAS and bill payment. It has also launched B2B2Cbased multipurpose transaction platform MPS is already registered with UIDAI as one of its enrolment agency for Aadhaar Card and for the said purpose the Company has developed a web portal – the link of which is available on the Company’s Website

    Last but not least, if BJP Govt. comes with majority then this stock may be at record high level as our respected P.M always prefer for digitization and this is a monopoly co. in this sector. This stock is out of ASL, NSE which is a very positive point.

    This is further inform you that, neither any Institutional Investors nor any MF houses had invested this Hidden Gem till date. Its P/E Ratio is very low, WAP price is Re. 0.07 and PBV is 0.16. This stock has a huge potential as It has a very efficient management team.

    Pl. visit their website at

    So, I am requesting you buy the shares at your earliest convenience as IT would be the most promising sector in the upcoming days.

    Thanks and Regards,

    N.B: Pl. find the attachments for your ready reference.

    Latest news on Visesh: This is to inform you that Board of Directors of the Company in their Meeting held today i.e. April 30th, 2019, which commenced at 02.00 P.M. and concluded at 02.55 P.M., inter alia decided the following: 1. Accepted the Resignation of Ms. Garima singh from the post of Company Secretary & Compliance Officer of the Company and relieved her from her duties w.e.f. the closure of working hours of April 30th, 2019. 2. Appointed Ms. Prachi Sharma ( Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India holding the Membership No. 58134) as Company secretary & Compliance Officer of the Company. Kindly take the same on records and oblige.

    The Email ID of Ms. Prachi Sharma is

    India is the best destination of the FIIs even before China according to the reports. So, pl. find out the attachments (No. 7 & 8 for

    your ready reference and do the needful at your earliest.

    If Mr. Modi comes with majority in the coming election, then India would be more economic reforms will be done and more FDI

    proposals will be implemented, more IPOs will come(at least 100 IPOs are in the Pipeline and many more are upcoming), GDP

    growth rate will be at highest level and the per capita income of Indians will increase.

    Pl. follow the following Links for the upcoming IPOs in India (both mainline & SME IPOs):
    1. (the best site for upcoming IPO information)

    Welcome to India and enjoy investing . Waiting for you.


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