Visesh Informatics ltd. must be a multibagger stock.

Visesh Informatics ltd. (BSE: 532411 | NSE: VISESHINFO | ISIN: INE861A01058 | SECTOR: COMPUTERS – SOFTWARE MEDIUM & SMALL) must be a multibagger stock.

As per my research and analysis Visesh Informatics ltd. must be a multibagger stock, which is one of the best undervalued stock, which isavailable at 0.10 paise only (B/V is Rs. 1.21).

Moreover, the IT sector would be the most promising in the upcoming days and it is a monopoly co. which deals with having E recharge payment wallet, app & site.

Last but not least, if BJP Govt. comes with majority then this stock may be at record high level as our respected P.M always prefer for digitization and this  is a monopoly co. in this sector. 

This is further inform you that, no MF houses had invested this Hidden Gem till date. 

Pl. visit their website at

So, I am requesting all the investors to add the share in their portfolio at their earliest convenience.

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How to invest in Mutual Funds in India?

This is a article for those who can’t follow the stock market properly due to any reason like lack of time, experience, skill and expertise. Some small tips for investment:

  1. Invest in a very good Small and Mid Cap funds to maximize your returns and wait at least 5-7 yrs.
  2. Follow the website CRISIL.COM to choose the right fund.
  3. Predict the best performing sectors in the coming years and invest accordingly.
  4. Invest through SIP at the end of the every month, as you may get more units.
  5. Invest a lumpsum amt. and in a sector fund (like IT sector) provided you can follow the market very well.
  6. Make a STP in a Liquid fund by investing a lumpsum amt. and transfer a fixed amt. P.M in a equity fund.
  7. Invest through FLEXI SIP i.e invest more and more when market is falling.



From my 25 years experiences in the stock market, I am sharing the following tips to invest in India:

  1. Invest in IPOs, if it is rightly priced. Since it is much more safer than secondary market.
  2. Invest in a share, if it is available in the market at a discounted value, after listing.
  3. You must study the stock market at least 10 hrs. per day, if you are a new investor.
  4. Never depend upon a stock expert or advisor, because most of the time they are advising to buy a stock when it is increasing. In reality, it should be the opposite.
  5. Always follow Mr. Warren Buffet, “Buy a stock when everybody is selling”.
  6. Buy a good share during the time period of March – May and sell it in Nov. – Jan. every year.
  7. Whatever may be the reason, if a good stock is available at market at a discounted price, buy it.
  8. Find out the best performing sectors in the upcoming days.
  9. Follow OI (open interest) in option chain very carefully and find out the bid of prices the max. investors.
  10. The delivery % is a very imp. matter. If it is higher, it is positive for the stock.
  11. Try to find out the reasons of uptrend or downtrend of a stock.
  12. Study the best websites for investment like,,, etc. and different blogs for investment.
  13. Instead of making a SIP in mutual fund, make a DIYSIP (Do it yourself SIP) by yourself. Act just like a MUTUAL FUND MANAGER.
  14. Invest at the end of each month (generally from 25th-28th) , since at that time the NIFTY is at its lowest level due to F&O (Future & Option) Expiry.
  15. Make a detailed FUNDAMENTAL & TECHNICAL ANALYSIS of a stock.